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30 dicembre, 2020 Da Ahmad Abou Arida

2020 was really challenging year, We lived in challenging and scary times, Everything was not normal, Travel not normal, families not normal, education not normal, logistic, supply chain, supermarkets not normal, most of the roads, bars, restaurants & malls not anymore at normal as we used to see it in 2019 

The saddest moments in 2020 when we remember human loss & how our Hero teams in health care fighting every moment to protect human life -even they know they are at very high risk-really we can't forget how they stand all together, from cities and even from all counties, they open their system to other, they shared their experience, so if they lost life in Rome, they were sharing their experience with another city to make use of it & they are still fighting, we need to keep praying and supporting them yesterday, today & tomorrow they need our support 

The most important support we could provide to the health care team is to protect ourselves and not send more cases to hospitals, really this is the most important from my personal opinion & we need to keep following health ministry instruction

in addition to human loss, there were huge jobs are being lost, for many reasons related to reducing the cost of operation, high risk, no new orders, no workers, no raw materials, city lockdown, international logistic not stable, pricing up, and many peoples-i can't say Pro Traders-increased their prices for fast margin and many other reasons

In 2020 was really challenging year for international logistic, we faced dealy with many suppliers & customers, even the best service provider in the world has the same problem from many logistic locations from China/India/Brazil/Eu/GCC/Asia and other, no one can guaranty the air shipment will fly on time-they could have any new instruction at any moment-or sea shipments we were in mid of many deals where the shipments get delay for a month in the port & one small box sample get delay for 2 months and many other sad stories, even some of the shipping companies start advising to not ask for original documents for shipment clearance, even some ports they changed their roll from accepting original documents to accept digital documents, and still every month new update is going on for all related to import & export instructions from all countries in the world 

Sourcing trend in 2020 

In 2020 there was Huge demand for items related to the food supply & health care protection

for food supply, the first range of products all items having more of Vitamin C, then all items you can store it for a long time in home-specially during lockdown-then most economical items you need in-home for a long time like Rice/spaghetti and other similar  

For Personal protection equipment (PPE) was the most required in the market is the 3ply mask & as we are a global sourcing platform will share with you company internal sourcing experience for PPE , the real sourcing story started in January 2020, their was 5 kind of PPE requests as per following  : 

  1. Traders Looking to purchase all stock in hand in any country & store it 
  2. Small traders looking to get margin from small deals 
  3. health care supplier looking for Medical grad 
  4. Agents, mostly to lose time & disconnect companies
  5. Governments requests 
  6. Other General requesters  

But what is mostly sourced? 3ply Mask? hand sanitizer? or 3M mask? 

In the beginning, the requirements were focused on the Mask for general use call it 3PLY -later we start seeing 4PLY/5PLY/6PLY- people were looking for some items don't know it deeply, for us i used to deal with 3M brand mask for more than 15 years when i was General Manager of the market leader in industry supply in Saudi Arabi & UAE , the most important is to share price level how was dancing from down to up dramatically, the Box 50 pcs was less than 1USD, become at more than 7USD CIF, not 98% protection, and prices kept up till End of Jully where start going down to 1.5USD for Box 50pcs from China or Alibaba,then went from 7USD to 1USD today, I will leave it to you to think about the reasons behind of that increase ...!

Later at end of February 2020, the requirements start looking for stock in hand for Mask FFP2 & FFP3 along, but no one purchasing if not seeing it in stock inside the country because-as i explained up -was a really big problem in logistic & dealy become normal, in addition to non-professional & Thief triers every day...  

At the same time in Feb/March 2020, the requirements for 3M Mask model 1860 was huge and traders in the market looking for it to purchase at price 4USD, and in some cases, they were requesting to purchase it by a higher number, in most of the cases price of 9010 3M was reaching more than 4USD and it's used to get by less than 1USD, this really one of the reasons was hug demand and people was requesting much more than their real needs, and as an expert also i can say the local agents of big brands was without any support for their local areas & this lead to having involvement from many non-professional traders & ask for SBLC payment terms along with the very high risk involved in this kind of requests 

in addition to masks the coverall, Portable Hepa filters pharmaceutical grade 99.99%, Potable air scrubber with UV , Isolation rooms, Mask raw material nonwoven/ meltblown, machines and many other 

During lockdown was lucky who's having dog-but sure the dogs were not so lucky-as many countries allow only people to move to walk with dogs, so if in the family 4 members, in many cases all the family members will go to walk with the dog, so if in the house one dog only you can count how long will walk every day, we need to plan well to take care of our dogs also ( for me I spent lovely moments with my cat ) 

It's becoming very well known to all businesses that are closing in 2020 in many sectors, shops closed but others will take their place, at the same time there was not normal demand for digital supply solutions, especially supermarket mobile applications, and we start seeing almost everyone having more than one mobile application on mobile and still growing, the smart supermarket is who start launching quickly their own mobile application, but the starters without real supermarkets who started immediately with the good service providing a network of suppliers under one application They Win, this is really good movements to a digital world 

What we should do in 2020? 

Today last week of December 2020, as we used to do every year, preparing our profit and loss accounting statement, looking to close more sales numbers to have a better financial year, looking after Stock in hand, and credit collection reports, What More? we recommend strongly all company to have a corporate Risk Policy within this year or by Maximum Q1 2021, corporate risk policy is very important for all kind of companies in all sectors, corporates risk policy is very important & should cover following points   :

  1. Identify What are the Risks? Be honest with yourself 
  2. Analyze Your Corporate Risks ( Take your time & make multi auditing teams ) 
  3. Evaluate & Considering the consequence and probability of each risk
  4. Treat risks management, Every risk should have policy distribution to all departments in the company 
  5. Monitor & Review for Old & New risks 

if you need to check more here our Free corporate risk management template 


We recommend checking our Secret of success in 2021 

Stay strong, the light at the end of the tunnel is full of opportunities, Find in Italy your tunnel starlight 

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